A Game of Gods eCover

A Game of Gods is the second novel in The Great Hearts series, available at Amazon in ebook and paperback

Calidan Darkheart has survived monsters, men and the first years of the Academy, but will he be able to survive a higher power than his own?

As a young student at the Academy and freshly dealing with the loss of a dear friend, Calidan must endure a new trial; one that will test every fibre of his being. If he survives, he will be forged into something new and be one step closer to his ultimate goal. Revenge.

Alone in the dark, Calidan the Imperator has so far managed to avoid the clutches of a rampaging beast but now seeks to escape and fulfil his lifelong dream. Intent on saving his best friend Cassius and heading deeper into the barren wastelands, he seeks a prey that will eclipse all others.

He might find that the reality is more than he can handle.

David Oliver’s second novel in the Great Hearts series brings back the dual adventures of past and present day Calidan, following the protagonist’s journey from earnest youth to a cold and forbidding Imperator.

Brutal combat, terrifying magics, dark secrets and the antics of a certain panther lay within.