What is Draconis?

Well, lean in and listen close reader, because Draconis is a grand adventure filled with strife, intrigue, flying ships, magic stones and, of course, dragons.

BEHOLD, the much more thorough and interesting description:

Over a decade ago Jlayn Syr, cartographer, embarked on a mission to map the world on behalf of the Ursal Federation. He returned with most of his crew dead and two strange rune stones.

Stones that changed everything.

He asserted that he had found a strange ‘rift’ in the ocean. A gateway to another world. A world populated with strange and horrifying monsters, broken tombs and strange writings.

Now he is the leader of the Wayfarers. A mercenary troop dedicated to entering the rift and returning with new rune stones. The Ursal Federation has utilised the impossible magic of the rune stones to cement themselves as the foremost world power and the location of the rift is a closely guarded secret…one that many would kill for.

With forces gathering to take control of the rift, Jlayn and his adopted daughter Sesha must  embark on the newly built Draconis to explore this new world once again…but with a large target on their heads the days of the Wayfarers may be numbered.

Expect lots of cannonfire, blazing magic and feats of heroism in the first novel in the Draconis Descendant Saga.