Who am I?

British, born in the cold, frozen north and now living in the somewhat sunnier climes of Bristol, UK. In the real world I work in the project management side of things but love to spend my free time tinkering with code, designing board games and demolishing civilizations in Total Warhammer (let’s face it, that’s its real name). 

If someone were to ask then I would describe myself as an avid climber, martial artist and gymnast who likes to periodically dip his toes in surfing, hiking, mountain biking and HEMA…basically anything that gets the heart rate up!

Favourite colour?

Green, but not just any green. More like a dark, leafy tree green. 


Generally heavy and/or instrumental. To everyone who wants music to concentrate with, Post Rock all the way. 

Favourite Final Fantasy game?

VII is the obvious choice as I was young enough when it came out for it to be an absolute game changer. However, still hold that VIII is also fantastic and doesn’t deserve the flack it gets. 


Yes please. Black. 

Paperback or ebook?

Honestly? Ebook. As much as I love a paperback and sitting down specifically to read, my kindle and the kindle app makes accessing books that much easier, in turn allowing for more reading to be done. 

Too hot or too cold?

Too cold. Always. I easily overheat anyway and if I’m too cold I can always add more layers.   

Why did I start writing fantasy?

My father unintentionally led me onto a life long fantasy binge by providing me a copy of a Brian Jacques Redwall novel at a young age and from that point on I was lost. I took any opportunity to read, voraciously devouring book after book and still remember asking permission in primary school to read from the year six bookshelf because I had read everything in my own. 

Years of reading flashed by and eventually I decided to try my hand at writing one myself and thus my first novel, The Great Hearts was born. 

Why do I keep writing?

Writing is a surprisingly emotive experience for me. I tend to get sucked into what I am writing and whilst at times it can be frustrating, difficult and annoying it is much more often fun and exciting to explore the character(s) journey. Above all else I would say it is a cathartic experience and one that I would never have thought I would enjoy so much. Who knows, maybe being a full time author isn’t such a pipedream.