Analysing my writing #3: The Great Hearts II

Sigh. There it is again. ONE. I’m going to have to do a separate piece entirely on how I use it within my writing…

TGH2 starts to introduce us more to the Emperor and to the magic within the world of the Great Hearts, seraph, so it’s not too surprising that we can make out those terms quite easily. 

If you look carefully you can see that there appears to be a relatively good spread of mentions for surrounding characters – not just Cassius – including Seya, Sophia, Rikol, Scythe and Ella, which is great to see, and likely coincides with the introduction of multiple perspectives for the first time. 

Now we get to the real meat of the post, and probably some of the best proof that the sentiment analysis is working. 

For anyone that hasn’t read the second book, the first half or so largely revolves around the so-called ‘fourth year exam’ at the Academy, which is a harrowing survival expedition. Lots of stark survival situations, fights to the death, avalanches, ice caves and battles with hordes of spiders. Pretty dark, pretty brutal and, as far as I can determine, pretty accurately reflected in this analysis.

That said, book 2 isn’t just all doom and gloom. The team (thankfully) get a rest back at the Academy, where they get properly introduced to seraph, the magic integral to the world as well as having a drunken adventure in a port city. Who said being an Imperator was all negative?!


Once again we see the anti-tree police marking trees as angry. I understand completely. The way they sway so violently. We all know they’re just biding their time. Disgusting.