Analysing my writing #2: TGH1



TGH is a grimdark coming-of-age adventure. By far the darkest moments within the novel are at the beginning, a series of events that defines the protagonist’s life and shoves him on a journey to gain enough power for revenge.  

Interestingly, in terms of the overall number of ‘negative’ events on a semantic scale, we can see that the ending is on the whole more negative than the start, both in terms of length of negativity and the overall sentiment i.e. there are more words associated with negative sentiment clumped together.

The ending is dark, true, and has lots of action-packed scenes, however in terms of raw, visceral imagery it does not compare to the opening few chapters. This perhaps highlights one of the issues with sentiment analysis: a single word used in the right context could change the overall sentiment for a reader, yet it wouldn’t within an analysis of 80 word chunks. 


Whoever thought that ‘tree’ should be associated with ‘disgust’ has a deep-rooted (get it?) dislike of trees. 

…From this I discovered that dendrophobia is a fear of trees, stemming from the Greek word for tree, dendro. The more you know.