“I am what the Emperor made me. Monster.” 

“Grimdark Eragon meets military school bromance,” Coffee Archives

“Action scenes so well described you would swear you can feel the swish of the blade, the bite of the edge…up there with Kings of the Wyld and Blackwing,” The Book Wyrm Speaks

“What Mr Oliver has done with this story and the characters within is nothing short of wonderful…it puts to shame some big name authors,” Two Bald Mages

“When the torch starts guttering in the midst of a thousand hungry mandibles you realise something vastly important. Life is bollocks.”

“Insanely awesome sequel…more action, more revelations and a lot more of what made The Great Hearts such a special debut,” Fantasy Book Critic

Shadowstrike eCover (1)

“Necromancy – not even once.”

“A near perfect combination of an action-thriller and dark fantasy,” Fantasy Book Critic

Apotheosis eCover (2)

 “I laughed and I cried. But most of all?

I schemed.

Because I was going on the most epic and ill-advised treasure hunt of all time. 

May the gods have mercy.”

Imperator eCover

“If I were to give advice to my past self?

Take Cassius, take Seya, run and don’t look back. 

Because here be where monsters are made.”

“Adventure into the Rift is, I have found, moments of sheer breath-taking beauty interspersed with heart-stopping terror.”

“Jurassic Park on magical steroids,” Fantasy Book Critic

The Great Hearts V

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